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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Top 10 reasons why she's the Evil Queen....

By Rosemary, the Queen of All Evil:

10 Reasons Why I'm Not Voting For John F*ing Kerry

Inspired by Treacher, who's list made the WSJ, I've decided to write one for Kerry.

Why? Because I'm bored and liberals won't because they have no sense of humor, that's why.

10. Because you picked the Breck-girl for a running mate.

9. Three words: You. Are. Dull.

8. Everything about you is a T.V. theme song. When you talk I hear "Flipper" and when I see you I hear " Mr. Ed".

7. If I hear you say Vietnam one more fucking time...

6. Because Cut and Run used to mean that a fart went wrong. Thanks for fucking that up.

5. Because you pay $200 for a haircut and your billionaire heiress wife goes to Fantasic Sam's.

4. Who can possibly vote for a Willie Wonka reject? Is saying oompa loompa really that hard?

3. There can only be one JFK and your wife is no Jackie O.

2. Because you killed a Canadian Goose without trying diplomacy first.

1. Because I want Hillary to run in 2008 and if you win, she won't.


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