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Monday, December 20, 2004

and they said he didn't have any huevos...

Here's a fabulous quote from George H.W. Bush (that's Bush 41) from the Time Person of the Year story:
“Michael Moore’s got to be the worst for me,” former President George H.W. Bush tells TIME’s Hugh Sidey when asked about the low point of this last term. “I mean, he’s such a slimeball and so atrocious. But I love the fact now that the Democrats are not embracing him as theirs anymore. He might not get invited to sit in Jimmy Carter’s box (at the Democratic Convention) again. I wanted to get up my nerve to ask Jimmy Carter at the Clinton thing (the opening of Bill Clinton’s library), ‘How did it feel being there with that marvelous friend of yours, Michael Moore?’ and I didn’t dare do it.”

Obviously tact won out, but can you imagine the hell that would have broken loose if he had ACTUALLY said that?

Parachuting and taking down Michael Moore and the Moonbats (is that a terrible band name or what--Ed) after age 80. How cool is Bush 41?

(h/t INDC journal)


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