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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Anachronistic combat?

Exgaucho Ben has an interesting take on what the war in Iraq really means, and just how important Iraqi elections are for improving the lives of the people who will vote. In part he says:
"The overall War on Terror isn't really about terror or even fundamentalist Islam. It's a battle between the Medieval world and the Modern world.(...)This is a war not between Western and Islamic civilization, but between the 21st and 11th Centuries. And the 11th Century world must fight for its life now, or be slowly strangled by modern ideas. Therefore, those of us in the modern world have no choice but to fight it unconditionally, until its worldviews and culture is relegated entirely to the history books. Indeed, as long as we keep out will, it is a fight we are destined to win in the end."(em. mine--Ed.)
Probably the best analysis of why it is so hard to fight this war and why it is SO important that we win that I have seen yet.


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