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Saturday, October 30, 2004

You Awwr Woorf-wess Awec Bawdwin!

Last night my darling husband took me to see Team America: World Police. It was funnier than I expected, even after the excellent reviews here and here. Chapel Hill being the sort of town it is, people walked out before the end of the first scene (although I suspect they were just in the wrong theater). When people started arriving, I was worried that someone was going to get all huffy and make snide comments, given what the moonbats are saying all over the 'net.

I was pleasantly surprised. The only comment that was made (at the end of the show) was, "See, I told you they're equal opportunity bashers."

Needless to say, I loved it. There's no need to post a review, except to say it's not for the timid. If you're offended by super-duper bad language and gratuitous (if plaster) sex: stay far, far away. Two pieces of advice if you do go: 1.) Finish your drink and popcorn before the movie. Stop and visit the bathroom first too. 2.) Stay for all of the credits. The last song is pwice-wess.

I'll never think of dicks, pussies, or a**holes the same way again.


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