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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I can just see this one on Maury Povich...

Evidently identical twins may each be the father of a child in Montreal.
According to CourtTV.com:
"In the case where both brothers test positive, that's where we have a problem," said Myriam Pamphile, who is representing both twins. "There's no precedent in Quebec or Canada's judicial system." Kristine Ashcraft, spokesperson of Genelex, which has provided DNA testing since 1987 and recently cleared singer Marc Anthony in a paternity case, said science will likely not settle this case. "There's no way to tell who the father is. They have the same DNA," Ashcraft said. She admitted that identical twins have slightly different genes due to mutations, but they would be nearly impossible to detect. "In terms of the entire genome, there's a few differences in thousands of genes to look at," Ashcraft said. "It would probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars."
Heh. Can you imagine that screaming match?

Turns out that in this case there is a simple non-scientific solution:

"By the time the child was born, the woman had ended the dual relationship and was only seeing the man who wants paternity, Pamphile said. "The other twin is known by the rest of both families as the uncle of the child," she said. "The man claiming paternity said he has given financial support to the mother, even when she refused it. He saw the child every two weekends." The brother said he did not consider himself part of the case because he is now married and has children. He also said he believed his twin was the rightful father."

But the Mom doesn't want either of them to be the father. If this was Maury Povich, she'd probably be right.....


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