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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Update and things to keep you busy until I feel like writing again...

Committee meeting went really, really well. In fact, they told me to start writing the introduction to my thesis and reformatting the two manuscripts I have completed for thesis publication while I wait for my rats to grow up over the holidays. That's good.

I got nothing otherwise. I am worded out, so to speak, so here are some random mostly non-serious links from some of my favorite reads:

Charles of LGF explains EXACTLY why I voted for President Bush. Love the bit about the shirt-cuffs.

Protein Wisdom's Jeff Goldstein wins the N.E.R.S. Headline of the Week award for his take on this story:
"Bush to Chilean Security Official: "Defeco más grande que usted, muchacho.""
Which roughly translates to "I sh*t bigger than you, buddy" or, in the immortal words of Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra, "I've got chunks of guys like you in my stool."

Ben and Baldilocks both have interesting things to say about the Pacers-Pistons melee.

Go help Beth and John name Kitty #8. He's a cutey.

Speaking of pets, Citizen and Mrs. Smash have an adorable pooch, Tori.

Helen gives a co-worker his just desserts (pun intended, via Ilyka)

Jay is the ONLY person I know whose recipes all start with "remove lens cap"

Margi has some, well, interesting Christmas craft projects....

Joe Gandleman (as himself) drops a link to the 10 most dangerous toys to give for Christmas. Why are they always the coolest???? I like the carpet skates and the rockets myself...

Joe also fills us in on the World Toilet Summit. Really.

Jay Tea at Wizbang has fond memories of the Muppet Show too.

And finally, the Inimitable Frank J. has another Hate-filled Lefty Cartoon!

Update: Had to add this one: Boudicca has some hilarious advice about lingerie dos and dont's.


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