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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Quasi-Live blogging the results:

7pm: IN, KY, and GA for Bush. NH for Kerry. VA and SC too close to call yet. So far no real surprises.
Electoral total so far: Bush:34, Kerry:3.

7:30 Update:
not surprisingly voters are really split along the issues according to exit polling.....

7:35 Update: WV votes go for Bush. Total Bush: 39, Kerry:3. So far

8:05 Update: We have our 1st lawsuit!!!! LA lawyers are suing to keep the polls open until 10 pm.
New electoral totals: Kerry 77, Bush 66. (FoxNews) (NJ, MD, IL, MA, ME, DE, CT, DC for Kerry) (TN, OK, AL for Bush)

8:13 Update: SC for Bush: Kerry 77, Bush 74.

8:28 Update: Lawsuit #2: OH lawyers win a TRO to get Columbus area polls to stay open long enough for people to vote on paper ballots so they don't have to wait in 4 hour lines for voting machines (and vote after midnight)......
New electoral totals: Bush 102, Kerry 77 (NC, VA for Bush)

8:58 Update:
Are the exit polls wrong? Poll results in FL show Bush doing far better than the exit polls would suggest. What about OH?

9:06 update: Still no surprises. New electoral totals: Bush 156, Kerry 112 (TX,NE,KS,WY,ND,SD for Bush; NY,RI for Kerry)

9:32 update: Finally a new total: Bush 165, Kerry 112 (LA for Bush).

9:56 update: More new totals: Bush 171, Kerry 112. (MS for Bush)

10:15 update: Barack Obama accepts the IL senate seat, and thanks each of his family members individually. FoxNews plays the get off the stage music and goes to commercial.
New electoral total: Bush 193, Kerry 112 (UT, MO, AR for Bush).

10:35 update: Trickling in a little at a time, new results: Bush 196, Kerry 112 (MT goes for Bush).

10:49 More results: 206 Bush, 133 Kerry (AZ for Bush and PA for Kerry).

11:01 Idaho goes for Bush, Washington for Kerry. New total: 210 Bush, 144 Kerry.

11:09 Fuck Florida. ACLU lawyers in Broward and Palm Beach counties are asking for 10 days to mail in absentee ballots that were sent out late, extending the domestic deadline to the foreign ballot deadline. Like these asshats can't get to a poll? Obviously they're home tonight to bitch to the ACLU. And filing at 11pm? COME ON. Like this hasn't been planned for days. Chicken Lollipops!!! New total: 210 Bush, 199 Kerry (CA for Kerry -- 55 electoral votes responsible for the big jump).

11:33 Erskine Bowles concedes. NC now has 2 republican senators. WooHoo!!!!

11:38 FL is almost certainly clearly for Bush. The president is up 300,000 with 94% of the vote counted..... According to Susan Est-bitch on FNC, OH appears to remain desperately in play for the Dems who are hoping and praying that Cuyahoga county votes will deliver the state for Kerry. This doesn't jive with the maps that MSNBC has been showing, where the counties that are still out are more likely rural.....

12:02 CBS has called FL for Bush, so I'm gonna go with that, even if it is See-BS. After all, 97% of the vote is in and Bush is up by more than 300,000 votes New total: 237 Bush, 199 Kerry.

12:18 update: 246 Bush, 206 Kerry (CO for Bush, OR for Kerry)

12:35 The first switch! NH goes for Kerry, as does ME's last vote. New total: 246 Bush, 211 Kerry.

12:41:20 FNC says Bush will take OH and its 20 electoral votes!!! New total: Bush 266, Kerry 211. Three for a tie (AK?????) WooooooHooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

1:00 am update: I hear the fat lady singing. Even Carville is conceding Ohio right now on CNN. FNC just called AK for Bush which makes 269. Eat that Waffle Boy.

God I am so happy that this is a moderate runaway for Bush. Maybe Kerry will do the gentlemanly thing and go away quietly. He's not a stupid man, and probably better than Al Gore. Maybe he will concede gracefully. But probably not. The lawyers are just too tempting, I think.

1:19 Damn it's so funny that See-BS is playing the cautious card tonight. They're at 249-207. Hah!

1:22 The Prez is up 20,000+ in NM and they are all being so gunshy about declaring a winner. Grow some balls, ok?
FNC is on call watch, seems they're willing to call it soon!

1:30 MaryBeth Cahill is hanging on by a thread, disputing Ohio and digging in. Begging for the 250,000 uncounted votes to all be for Kerry so that the Ohio call was wrong. EXTREMELY UNLIKELY. Hume says Kerry would need a "massive proportion" of the uncounted OH votes. I've said it before. Give it up Mary Beth!!!

1:35 "Kerry camp is clearly discouraged" according to CNN.

1:39 President's margin is increasing in OH and up to 7,000 votes in IA. Up by 23,000 in NM. Let's call it already!!!!!!

1:43 Give MN to Kerry. No surprise. New total: 269 Bush, 221 Kerry. Bush's lead is down to 102K in OH, but Bush is gonna win (92% precincts in). Looks like Bush is running away with the popular vote as well! He's up 3.3 million votes + over Kerry at the moment.

1:55 Bush is up 11.5K in IA now. (94% counted, but several Dem. counties left to be counted). Baronne says it is likely Bush will win in IA by less than 1% on FNC.
In NM, Bernalillo county is still out (this is Albequerque, and hard to tell yet). But Bush is up 27,000 votes in NM. Arrgh.... Face it people, it's over. Kerry needs OH and WI and IA and NV to win. That almost certainly won't happen.

2:09 FNC is edging ever closer to declaring Bush. He's up 3% nationally with 85% in. Up 123k in OH. 28K in NM. Just give up Mo-Fo's. Teddy Kennedy is offering his condolences to the Kerrys...... Rock on!

2:22 Edwards will come out later and thank the supporters in Boston, but will not concede according to CNN or MSNBC. I'm too tired to remember which one. Yawwwwwn. Bush is now up by 155,ooo in OH with 95% of the votes counted. Give it up John.

2:28 The Breck Girl is doing the "let's count ALL the votes" spiel. You're 29,000 votes behind in a state with 40,000 votes left and 125,000 votes down in a state with 200,000 votes left, andGod knows how far behind in Iowa since they stopped counting for the night. I'm going to bed at 3 if there is no change. Damn people. New total Bush 269, Kerry 238 (MI and?? for Kerry)

2:45 FNC is calling Bush the "likely winner" and painting graceful exit scenarios for Kerry. Pay Attention, Johnny!

2:48 Hawaii goes to Kerry: Bush 269, Kerry 242. Juan Williams is concerned about the perception of the exit polls and legitimacy of the results (ala FL 2000), and whether or not conspiracy theories abound. Bush wins, and with coattails (increases seats in both houses for his party), a major moment in American politics.
How's this for a stat: GWB is the 1st President since 1988 to get a majority of the popular vote. Clinton never did. There's no way you can say this is an illegitimate election. Bush is "poised for a clear electoral victory, or at least victory in the House"

3:00 Bedtime for Blogger. The fat lady has had her song and now she needs her nap. I'll be surprised if anything changes overnight. The real question is whether or not the Democrats will self-destruct over implausible challenges to the election-- Michael Barrone.


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