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Monday, December 13, 2004

Verdict Watch

According to CourtTV, the jury has reached its decision on whether or not Scott Peterson will face the death penalty for his crime. The Verdict will be announced at 1:30 pm Pacific, 4:30 pm Eastern.

Here we go again.

I myself am torn. You all know what I think of this louse for what he did while Laci was alive, let alone killing her. Personally I think he should be dropped into a 4x4 hole in Death Valley with a bucket to piss in and food and water dropped down. No shade, no bug spray, no visitors. But either way he deserves to rot. Sooner or later he will.

If they do decide for death, I believe the main factor was the testimony of Laci's mom, who said that even though Conner and Laci were buried together, Conner placed on Laci's chest, because Scott hacked off her arms, Laci would never be able to hold the baby that she loved and wanted and dreamed of holding.

Every loss like this is a tragedy, but for all the reasons that so many have enumerated, this has become more so. I feel sorry for the Rocha family and Laci's friends for their unbelieveable loss, but I also feel sorry for the Peterson family, for what they have been through, for their loss, for their lack of understanding of what could make their boy do this. I feel for Amber Frey, for what she stepped into, unknowing, and what she escaped and I hope she'll be able to go back to her life someday without reporters and cameras at her doorstep.

But the best part is that this whole circus is over today, except for some random appeal hearings, and of course the inevitable book tours and TV movies (yes I'm certain that there will be another one).

Rest in Peace, Laci and Conner. Your justice is done.

Update: The jury found for death. Now we can throw him in a hole for 10 years before his appeal is heard.

Update II: This is what I was talking about. Although far more seriously than Frank J ever could.


At Monday, December 13, 2004 5:13:00 PM, Blogger MikeZ said...

Sometimes justice is a bit weird. The evidence against OJ Simpson was close to overwhelming, and he walked. The evidence against Peterson was largely circumstantial, and he'll probably bite the big one sometime in 2015.

The absence of any evidence that someone else did it is pretty compelling, though.


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