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Monday, December 27, 2004

well, the weather sucks

Here and elsewhere. We didn't get any snow. Everyone east of us did, though. Which is funny since usually we get snow when everyone east of us doesn't. Huh. Go figure. But it was a freak storm to begin with, dropping snow all over the Gulf Coast and all. Over 300 accidents in NC alone. The fact that we didn't have one is the only good thing with the weather because it's as cold as if it snowed, and we had snowy clouds for 2 days, just no precip. Damn.

On other geological fronts, the husband has been following news of the 8.9 earthquake in the Indian ocean with great interest (as a certified rockhound), and aside from the loss of life and property, this one will be important for future understanding of fault zones in the ring of fire.

In other news, Christmas was great. We each got a TON of crap. New DVDs, video games for him, books, and warm Jammies for me. We've been spending our time fighting orcs and southrons in LOTR: ROTK on the computer and eating Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Sue on the TV (we got 4 of those Atari plug-in games), not to mention 6 kinds of chocolate and preprocessed meats and cheeses.

What is Christmas without a beef log after all? Even Cartman sings the praises of a good beef log for Christmas....

Other than that we've been hitting the post-christmas sales and enjoying driving around on cheaper gas (yay!)

I suspect I will be blogging more as the fascination with games and DVDs dwindles and real life starts to take over again....

How was your Christmas? What did you do that was fun and/or different this year?

Also, as I have been neglectful, the Carnival of the Recipes is up, hosted by Trudy Schuett, here.


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