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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

In which I thieve from Michele....

Michele of ASV often has plenty of interesting stuff going on, and if you don't read her page, you should. In fact why aren't you?

Today, I present two things. First: This brilliant piece on the death of common courtesy, or a few bad apples, etc.

Second, in keeping with my resolution to tell you all a little more about me, this meme:

Guilty Pleasures: The Meme via Rox.

CD I have in my car that I roll up the windows to listen to
Right now it's Barenaked Ladies' Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001. This is so pathetic.... For Darling Husband, it's The USC Trojan Marching Band's In Studio (duh...) BTW we usually roll up the windows for better acoustics rather than shame...

Book I read flat so no one could see the title
Ummm.... the last time I did that I was 7 and the book was Gray's Anatomy. Guess which section?

Michele's right though: "Never be embarassed of anything you read. At least you're reading."

Crappiest song ever sung at karaoke

I've never done karaoke, but my Dad and I do some craptacular versions of "To All the Girls I've Loved Before", "Goldfinger", and especially, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" together.

Bad movie I watch repeatedly
This is tough. Most of the movies I watch repeatedly are good.... Probably the leading candidate right now is either "The American President" or "Addams Family Values".

Article of clothing I love though I know it's wrong

These ($145) or These ($359). I don't need corset boots or couture shoes. Especially not in purple and green

What I order at the bar when no one is listening

Shirley Temple. Extra cherries. (Michele and I have the same taste, although I prefer mine made with 7Up)

Fast food item I adore
The McRib. Yes I know it's mystery meat and it's completely unhealthy. Don't lecture me.

A TV show that is a good example of the downfall of civilization that I love anyway
Survivor. I love all the Machiavellian horseshit. Especially when it backfires (read: Shii Ann, Sarge)


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