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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Goodbye Dan! I don't think we'll miss you very much

Dan Rather "recluctantly" announces his retirement from the Evening News.
From See BS News:
"Rather will continue to work full-time at CBS News as a correspondent for both editions of 60 Minutes, as well as on other assignments for the news division. His last broadcast as anchor will be March 9, the 24th anniversary of when he assumed the position from Walter Cronkite."

Hmm, so he just lost the high profile job, guess that means he f***ed up somewhere, huh?
They even went on to say this:
"Rather, 73, has come under fire for his 60 Minutes report on President Bush's service in the National Guard during the Vietnam War. The report relied on documents that cast Mr. Bush's service in a negative light. Critics charged that the documents were forgeries, and CBS News was unable to vouch for their authenticity. An independent panel is now investigating the matter."

I guess after they fired someone for cutting in on CSI: New York to tell the country another terrorist was dead, it would seem pretty dumb to let the Memo thing slide, huh?

Either that or it was because of this statement (from a speech at Tufts University on 11/18/04):
""I am very critical of some of the people at CBS who make it apparent what their political leanings are," Rooney said. "That's what happened to this thing of Dan Rather's that got out. There's no question they wanted to run it because it was negative towards Bush."

I'm guessing Andy Rooney's off the Rathers' Christmas card list this year.


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