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Monday, January 03, 2005

I owe you a post.

I guess it's just that usual post-holiday malaise. Or maybe it's the god-awful cold that has invaded one of my nostrils and is doing its best imitation of super glue. Until I sneeze.

In either case, I haven't felt a lot like writing. I did some aestheic stuff in honor of the football game, but a REAL post hsn't been forthcoming.

On a related note, do you know how difficult it is avoiding all of the people I work with who are either pregnant or married to a pregnant woman so that I don't pass along any virus exposure? There are maybe 22 people on our floor and between the other 21 folks there are 8 babies expected between now and June (with only one set of twins).... We take this pretty seriously since one of the researchers in our group is studying prenatal virus exposure and increased risk of developing schizophrenia.

I do have some thoughts about the new car seat laws in CA and NC. Including a laugh riot on how our local CBS affiliate ran the teaser "Help for parents who can't get their kids back in the booster seat" and then basically said to threaten them with the police repercussions. As if a six year old even understands that it will cost Mommy $200 because he thinks he's too big to have to sit in a booster again. I am legendary in my loathing of the pathetic "kids in the back" and "booster seat" laws. Hell, we were the first generation who had car seats. I was out of that sucker by 2 1/2 and I survived a couple of bad accidents. Anyway, point is that I am not gonna write about that because it would turn into a post about Nanny laws and how I think that, like Deb, having a child will someday bring out the libertarian lurking just below the surface. I just don't want to get that worked up.

Or I could write more about the upcoming football game and the previous week's bowl games, but so far I am pretty disgusted with either the quality of the games, the winners, or both. Hoping tomorrow makes up for it. We had Division III sports at Caltech and, well, frankly, the gym and fields were across the street, so nobody cared enough to pay attention unless they were playing. So, Saturdays in the fall were spent at USC, my husband's alma mater, and a paen to the grand traditions of American college football. It's enough to make the Grinch love Christmas, with the band, the colors, the traditions, even the horse (I've met the horse, he's quite gentle and good). The Trojans became my team as much as my husband's and his friends' team even though they sucked. Go ahead, look up their 1995-1998 record. It stinks.

And the Panthers lost. Morons.

And there's no Hockey.

It depresses me, so I am not going to write about the Earthquake and Tsunami except to say that people need help, and if you can, please do so. There are any number of other bloggers who are covering this excessively and who can point you in the right direction. I am pleased to endorse this idea, however.

So to sum up, I'm sick and tired, sports sucks so far this year, and world news is depressing. What else is new, huh?

If you want to read a real post from me, try this one or this one.


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