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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

This is bad. Very bad.

From NBC4 LA: A Metrolink commuter train struck a vehicle at a crossing, derailed and sideswiped another commuter train early Wednesday, killing nine people and injuring hundreds as passengers were sent tumbling down the aisles, authorities said. One train was inbound to Union Station and the other was headed for Moorpark from Union Station when the derailment occured.

It gets worse:
"Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said it appears the vehicle was deliberately placed on railroad tracks before the derailment."
Whether this was simply bad timing or an act of terrorism is still unclear. More later.

Update: 10:15 am PST P.C.: Body count is up to 10. According to the LA Sherriff's department, this is not terrorism. A "suicidal, deranged individual" stuck his vehicle on the tracks and then changed his mind about the suicide and got out and watched the train hit his car. There is an ongoing homicide investigation and the suspect is in custody and will be charged with 10 counts of homicide. Bastard.

And the Mayor of Glendale managed to make the federal government the bad guy for not paying for raised crossings. Sheesh. At least LA Mayor Hahn managed to compliment the various police and fire departments on their work in saving the folks who were in the crash.


At Wednesday, January 26, 2005 12:51:00 PM, Blogger Dave Schuler said...

Based on what they're reporting now this was definitely some kind of suicide attempt. No way to tell yet whether it was terrorism or just some other kind of stupidity.

At Wednesday, January 26, 2005 6:43:00 PM, Blogger Ben said...

OK, I bet I wasn't the only person who though "Isn't this exactly how the new season of '24' started?". It's amazing this kind of thing doesn't happen more often. For a month or so, the SF commuter line Caltrain had at least one man vs train incident a week. Kind of unnerving how easy it is to cause this kind of damage. I'm glad the guy is getting 10 murder charges. He would have been better off jumping off a bridge instead.


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