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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


It Snowed!!!!!
Here's my back yard:

And here's the Princess enjoying the snow in her pretty red sweater:

I just hope my Darling Husband makes it home ok. What is usually a 15 minute bus ride was an hour and a half and included a hit and run sideswipe.... I hate NC drivers. They freak when the roads turn white.... It's called patience, dammit.
Update: He's home. Pretty close to on time, too. And he brought dinner! (Yum, Subway!)
It's 7:15pm and there are still elementary school kids in Raleigh who can't get home because the busses and their parents are in 4-6 hour traffic jams. It's nearly impossible to get anyone on a cell phone since all of the folks stuck in traffic are on the phone. BTW we got 1 inch of snow or less across the area!


At Thursday, January 20, 2005 10:05:00 AM, Blogger Paul Burgess said...

Glad to hear you folks are all right. Back in the days when I was at Duke, up the road in Durham, I always used to be amazed at how North Carolina drivers would spaz out over half an inch of snow. I used to stay off the roads when it snowed— not that I minded the snow myself, hey, I'm a native of Wisconsin— but I didn't want to deal with those crazy Carolina drivers who would be skidding all over the place.

I lived in an apartment complex within easy walking distance of Duke's West Campus. I remember once time when it snowed less than an inch, I was walking back from campus along a main road; and from the edge of campus onward, call it a lengthy city block, I counted three places where it was obvious that a vehicle had skidded on the roadway, and slid up against the curb.


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