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Monday, March 07, 2005

I love it when a plan comes together...


UNC 75 - Dook 73

Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha. Eeeexcellent Smithers!

My Hero:

Photo: AP from ESPN

Sean May had a career night with a personal best double-double: 26 points, 24 boards. He may be the worst dancer on the team (I have pictures!) but he's got it where it counts: in the paint.

UNC takes the ACC regular season championship outright, and we're waiting for 6pm for the poll to come out.... since, as you may have heard already, some team called Ohio State beat some other team from Illinois........

Franklin St. was burning:

Photo: Raleigh N&O

At least they didn't flip any cars this year. We heard the sirens and the helicopters from our house. It was madness.

Let's hope we see a repeat of this in St. Louis, where it actually means something:

Photo: AP from ESPN

In other ACC news Chris Paul of Wake Forest may be suspended by the league after punching NC State's Julius Hodge in his, well, jewels. Here's the best recap (registration required) of the events that I've seen, and here's the highlights for those of you who don't want to bother:
"In a play that set the tone the rest of the night, Paul gave Hodge a harsh parting gift on senior night, hitting him with a low blow during a battle underneath the basket. Hodge, the reigning ACC player of the year, fell to the court with 12:48 left in the first half.

With Hodge laying on the ground, his older brother, Steve, walked onto the court to see if Julius was OK — and to yell toward Paul on the Wake Forest bench. Steve Hodge walked off the court, and arena security soon instructed him to leave the court area.

Once Hodge got up, he angrily yelled and gestured toward the Demon Deacons' sideline on his way back to the bench.

Paul said the two were just tangled up.

"I don't believe I popped him," Paul said. "It was just the heat of the game. I've got too much respect for him to try to pop him on senior night."

When told that replays showed him hitting Hodge, Paul responded, "I haven't seen the replay."

The question is whether Paul will face any kind of sanction from the league for the blow. Hodge mentioned his suspension as a freshman for an elbow he threw against Maryland's Steve Blake, which was caught on film and led to a one-game suspension afterward.

Wake Forest, which finished second in the league standings thanks to North Carolina's win against Duke earlier Sunday, plays Friday in the quarterfinals of the ACC tournament.

"He punched me in the groin and the ref saw it," Hodge said. "I got suspended for that (as a freshman). ... I never play dirty like that."

Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser said he didn't see the incident. N.C. State coach Herb Sendek said he had reviewed replays of the incident, but declined comment.

"I think the replay is going to have to speak for me tonight," he said."

It wasn't obvious initially, but the replay clearly shows the nut-punch. What an ass. I mean, jeez, that's sexual harassment, not basketball...


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