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Monday, March 14, 2005

Ith answers the Meme.... (updated)

1. How much longer do you think it will take the window guys?

Christmas! I'm told that this Thursday and Friday is D Day, but I'm skeptical.

2. Why Dragons?

I used to collect unicorns, and then they became popular. And that bugged me :) (same thing happened with amber -- damn Jurassic Park!) Then at a Norwescon back in 1985 (I think) I saw this amazing pendant with a dragon that wasn't a Chinese style one, and my collection was born! But I'm rather particular about the dragons I collect, so neither me or my house is covered in them or anything. I'm also a big fan of the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey -- I want a Fire Lizard. I also collect hedgehogs, though you didn't ask. But it is sort of related because I collect Pocket Dragons, and every few in a run have a hedgehog on the figurine with the dragon.

3. Who is your favorite character on House BESIDES House? Why?

There are other characters?!? I'd say Cameron. Why? Because I relate to her and the "being nice" thing. I think we'd get along famously.

4. What is your favorite self-indulgent treat?

A dinner of assorted cheeses from Whole Foods or going out to good restaurant and having a filet mignon with blue cheese or bernaise sauce.
(The cheese happens way more often.)

5. Which is better, Absinthe or Cookies?

I've never has absinthe, so I don't know. But I'll get back to you.

Update: tritcale's answers are here.


At Monday, March 14, 2005 8:24:00 PM, Blogger the Pirate said...

absinte - interesting stuff, drank too much one night and swore the light post was walking down the street.

At Thursday, March 17, 2005 10:30:00 PM, Anonymous kathleen said...

I have to tell you that when I first read the title of this post, I read it as a very Silence of the Lambs-like, "It answers the Meme..."



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