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Monday, March 14, 2005

Flu-induced randomness

1. The Georgia Tech fans next door who insisted on banging on the floor and making my dog bark every time Tech got a point also sound like a weird mix of roosters and tomcats when they come piling out of the house screaming because they beat the team that everyone else in the neighborhood was rooting for, at least those who weren't trying to sleep... Good thing I didn't have a gun or it would have been Texas Tower all over again.

2. Did you know that at 6:30 am there's "cheaper" traffic than at 7? (I meant to say less... my husband thought this was funny) This is what I get for leaving my sickbed to take work things into the lab that I was ATTEMPTING to do over the weekend.

3. Tylenol Flu is indeed the nectar of the Gods.


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