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Friday, March 11, 2005

Answers from Down Under

Aussie Wife Amanda answers the meme:

1. Did you beat the Wombats?
Those wombats musta been channeling their lazy side,rather than their
marauding side. Only 3 of their team turned up, so they had to
forfeit!! We win by default.

2. What do you like about your job?
Umm.. that's a hard one. I get paid? Also, I have a nice team leader,
so it is not as sucky as it could be. Other than that, nothing, it's a
call centre.

3. What's one thing about Australia that you love that most Americans
(and other touristy-types) never see?
My husband? hehehe. I'll cheat and give another one. It's not a place
as such, but getting together for a BBQ with friends has got to be one
of the best things around. I promise if you head over here for a
holiday, we'll cook up a storm for you :)

4. Which is worse: Spiders or Snakes?
I'd have to go with Spiders, we don't get snakes around the 'burbs
here, but we do get massive Huntsman Spiders

5. Do you have everything the way you want it in your house yet or are
you still settling in?
I don't know that we'll ever have our house the way we want it. :) We
did get some new sofas the other day, so that is good, but we still
have to get another sofa and a sofa bed refurbished, and we need to
get a bookcase built for our library, still stacks of books on the
floor. Oh, and we need to put our pictures up yet, too!


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