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Friday, March 18, 2005

Two thoughts with coffee

Or, I'm waiting for my brains to incubate and inspiration strikes....

1. The Gathering of the Blogs is set for April 6, with a blog-fashion show on April 1. If you're a scots-person, or you agree with Mike Myers ("If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP"), sign up and join in. The more the merrier. The half that's not Armenian is at least part Scots-Irish(from the hills of TN), so I'm in. That, and I love plaid.....

2. Bou has a great post here about the way we learn, and the way our kids are being taught from a parent/former student perspective. I have had a very similar experience, not with math, but with physics, so I totally get her point, and I agree that we push kids WAY too hard when they're little, sometimes with bad results. Point to ponder: Our brains don't even work in an adult way until after puberty, sometimes not even until 18-25. Between 12-25 the frontal cortex undergoes a dramatic remodeling, and we change the way that we take in and store information, and the timeline is different for each individual. Is it fair then to ask kids, who physiologically think like children, to have to think like adults (which they may be physiologically incapable of)?


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