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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The interview meme part I

I thought I'd start with Ben today, and do the others between now and Friday. I still need one more victim interviewee....

So Exgaucho Ben, here are my 5 questions for you:

1. Explain the famous UCSB "tortilla incident"

2. Who is your favorite non-major Simpsons character and why? What's your favorite episode?

3. Why on earth would anyone ever have called you "Kingsley"?

4. Boxers or Briefs?

5. What's your motivation for blogging?

You can put your answers in the comments, assuming they load....


At Thursday, March 10, 2005 2:44:00 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Wow, comments worked for once this morning, wonders never cease.

Oh, and if you need one more volunteer, I'd be happy to be interviewed.

At Thursday, March 10, 2005 8:51:00 PM, Blogger Ben said...

OK, you asked for it. Here are my (lengthy) answers. These could probably be split in to seperate posts, but it's up to you. I'll also post the answers on my blog.

So Exgaucho Ben, here are my 5 questions for you:

1. Explain the famous UCSB "tortilla incident"
Ahh, a proud moment indeed. Heh. Allow me to tell the story:

The “tortilla incident” Caltechgirl speaks of took place on February 13, 1997. I know because I was there, and I saved the article from the college paper Daily Nexus. Alas, there is no online article I can point to, so I will post the intro from the written article:

ESPN Brings Out the Best in Gauchos

Santa Barbara Upsets UOP 75-69 Despite Three Tortilla Technicals

Yier Shi
Staff Writer

Despite three technicals and one ejection, the UCSB Men’s basketball team is still glowing after a 75-69 upset of conference-leading University of the Pacific…

…The nationally televised game was interrupted many times because some of the 5,315 Gaucho fans overextended the Santa Barbara tortilla-tossing tradition.
This tradition is one where, during nationally televised men’s basketball games, UCSB fans would throw tortillas onto the court at the start of the game. A gaucho is an Argentinean cowboy, tortillas are Mexican food. I don’t get it either.

It was considered a playful tradition, that didn’t cause much harm, except for all that wasted food of course. Anyway, the problems started a few years before, at another ESPN game at SB. Apparently, a few less-than-schooled fans took to throwing tortillas during the entire game instead of just the beginning. You could see how this would be a problem.

To make matters worse, some tortillas fragments got in one of the ESPN cameras, and they were none too pleased. The university had to buy ESPN a replacement, and it was years before they returned to Santa Barbara.

That brings us to 1997. The university was justifiably on-edge about a potential repeat and nationwide embarrassment. Therefore, it was proclaimed that all UCSB students would be searched at the gates to insure that no tortilla contraband made in into the arena.

Not a terrible idea in of itself, but the execution of the plan made any problems exponentially worse. The UCPD allocated only a handful of students Community Service Officers (CSOs) to conduct the searches. The result was what one would expect, the CSOs couldn’t possibly search the large mass of students in a timely manner, and the teams took the court with the majority of students still stuck in the queues outside. At some point, events reached critical mass, and the CSOs wisely got out of the way of the unruly students.

A wave of unsearched, tortilla-laden students poured in the arena, and managed to take their seats. After the initial deluge of tortillas that resulted in the three technicals, and a 1-0 score for UOP before the tip-off, tortillas flew intermittently throughout the remainder of the first half.

Things quieted down in the second half; meanwhile an exciting, close game unfolded on the basketball court itself. The only serious blight was an errant tortilla with a few seconds on the clock and the Gauchos up by a precious few points. This led the UCSB coach to take to the microphone to berate the ill-timed tortilla tosser. USCB was able to pull out an emotional win.

The fallout of the Tortilla Incident was that yet again ESPN was wary to broadcast from the confines of the UCSB Thunderdome, and did not return until 2001. This time, however, events were much less chaotic, and ESPN found the atmosphere at UCSB was one which made for great television.

Ahh, memories.

2. Who is your favorite non-major Simpsons character and why? What's your favorite episode?Easy question. In fact Michele at ASV has already tackled this issue. C. Montgomery Burns, hands down. Exxxxcellent!

Since that was an easy question, I'll give you my 10 favorite Simpsons episodes:

My favorite: The Summer of 4ft. 2, where Lisa makes friends while on vacation at the Flanders' beach house. It features the beach, and an unpopular kid making friends; two things I can strongly relate to. Plus it has arguably Homer's best monologue:

Homer goes shopping for fireworks at the Li'l Valu-Mart, with a
clerk that looks almost like Apu.

Hi... ummm... let me have some of those porno magazines... large box
of condoms... a couple of those panty shields [quickly] and some
illegal fireworks [back to normal] and one of those disposable enemas.
Ehhh... make it two.
-- Homer shops for illegal fireworks, "Summer of 4 Ft. 2"

My apologies, sir, but the sale of fireworks is prohibited in this
state and is punishable by a f...
[the last customer leaves]
Follow me.
-- Moral values up high, "Summer of 4 Ft. 2"
The rest of my list, in no particular order:

Homer Defined. Homer accidentally saves the nuclear plant.

Homer the Heretic. Homer's life improves when he stays home from church.

Mr. Plow. Homer and Barney compete for Springfield's snowplow business.

Marge vs. the Monorail. A crooked businessman convinces Springfield to buy a monorail.

Deep Space Homer. Homer is chosen to go into space for NASA's average-naut program.

Treehouse of Horror V. My favorite Halloween episode. A Shining parody, Homer time travels via toster, and the cafeteria use students for school lunch.

Homer the Great. Homer joiner the Stonecutters.

Lisa's Wedding. A look into the future to Lisa's wedding day.

King-Size Homer. Homer intentionally gains weight to get on disability.

3. Why on earth would anyone ever have called you "Kingsley"?Heh, don't ask me, ask old HS friend Meli. She got it from watching Ghandhi. Gandhi being played by Ben Kingsley, which was transferred to me: Ben=Kingsley. Talk about stream of consciousness running amok.

4. Boxers or Briefs?So you wanna know, huh? Though you were married. I wear what I feel like at the time.

5. What's your motivation for blogging?I had been reading blogs going back to early 2002. I was blown away by the concept. I started my own blog to:
1.) Talk about things that interest me.
2.) (Hopefully) to have people hear my opinions.
3.) To improve my writing skills (still working on that one).
4.) To make connections with people, and break a little farther out of my shell.
5.) To learn a little HTML.
6.) And, to steal a phrase from Acidman Rob."A ceaseless quest for adoration from people who don't know me." Yes, I have my shallow side.


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