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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Amazing (updated)

It's official, we take our rights for granted in this country. I've stood in a multi-hour line to vote (early even), but I wish it meant enough to us that we would dance and sing for the joy of having these rights.

This is un-f*cking-believable.

Congratulations to the people of Iraq who managed to vote in nearly as much peace and security as we take for granted.

The polls are now closed and some official estimates place voter turnout at 72%!!! Some neighborhoods report 95% turnout

Estimates place the death toll due to violence at 36, mostly Iraqi policemen. That's nowhere near the landmark violence that Zarqawi and his buddies promised.

Here are some first-hand accounts:

Omar of Iraq the Model "barely slept all last night for the excitement"
Alaa of The Mesopotamian is "filled with pride and moved beyond words"
Rose of Diary from Baghdad flashes her victory sign
Iraqi Bloggers Central has a round up of reactions, mostly good!
Friends of Democracy has more coverage as well

Deacon of Powerline has an interesting observation about Iraqi expatriate voting in other middle east nations, and the possible repercussions

Remember the discussion and roundup on C-SPAN this afternoon 2pm-4pm EST, or go here for the live webcast.


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