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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Stupid Quiz of the Week

No kiddin'

Which Family Guy character are you?

I love Stewie. Too many good Stewie lines to quote, but here are two of my favorites:

"No sprinkles. For every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you."

"Damn you, vile woman, you've impeded my work since the day I escaped your wretched womb."

(h/t: new to me blog California Mafia. Love their site, especially the Miami Vice lookin' color scheme and the fact I'm already on their blogroll. Thanks, guys!)


At Thursday, February 10, 2005 3:36:00 PM, Blogger Unserious Talker said...

Thanks for the link, we apprechiate it

At Thursday, February 10, 2005 9:54:00 PM, Anonymous Kathleen said...

My personal favorite: "Oh, I'll finish off the broccoli. And then I'll finish *you* off, you relentless harridan!"

At Friday, February 11, 2005 11:01:00 AM, Blogger Saint Nate said...

I came out as Brian. To be fair, though, I found myself fudging some of the answers.

At Friday, February 11, 2005 3:58:00 PM, Blogger Tired of Liberal BS said...

Took it off the Pirate's link and came up Quagmire. I am heading out to the DNC right now to re-register. Wait. Republicans actually are better lovers according to a lover's poll.


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