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Friday, March 18, 2005

My Own Private 'Roid Rage

Mark McGwire is a wuss of the first order. There's a reason we haven't seen the Degree ad with the "Wuss" character yet. They took it out of production so that they could put HIS face on the damn doll.

Let me sum up his testimony. (Yes, I listened to nearly all of it at work, and all of the player bit):
"I'm retired", "I can't say that", "Positive".

Is it me or was he CRYING when he read his opening statement???
Newsflash, Marky-Mark: THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!!

He was the only one who WOULD NOT give an answer to the following questions:
1. Did you use steroids?
2. Did you use any other substances?
3. Is steroid use cheating?
4. Is performance-enhancing drug use cheating?
5. Should the league adopt tougher standards?

Yet he mocked Canseco. At least Jose-Can-You-See had the stones to take it like a man. McGwire was just pathetic. That whole "I'm changing the mission of my foundation" line was such a pile.

And the whole "Steroids are bad" bit. Am I the only one who was adding "MM'kay" in my head? Did Mr. Mackey step into his body for a minute there?

Personally, I think Congress was right to step in. Baseball enjoys a very plummy anti-trust exemption that none of the other sports have. If baseball is going to take advantage of the fans, and essentially cheat them out of their hard-earned, then Congress should be able to say "hold on there one minute", and threaten baseball's sweet little deal. Yeah, Congress probably should have focused on the budget this week, but as one of the Congressmen said yesterday, "How come we don't have 12 TV cameras when we discuss education or healthcare for poor children?" Personally I'm all for Olympic-type draconian steroid policies. If they're clean then why not? Palmeiro and Sosa seemed to be in favor of it, so maybe they are clean. At least, except for that Viagra that Palmeiro hawks on TV. But I doubt it enhances baseball performance.....


At Friday, March 18, 2005 9:06:00 AM, Blogger Contagion said...

I think they should test all athletes for illegal substances. I don't follow baseball, but I love football. I can honestly say that for how much these guys are being paid they should be tested. I view steriod use as cheating.

However I don't think congress should be investigating this. There are many more important issues they should be working on.


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