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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Nothin' could be FINER

Ok, we're back. Finally. And I stopped being sick. Finally.

Chapel Hill is still standing despite this:

and morons like this (this dude actually looks a lot like my friend's ex-boyfriend):

photos by Raleigh News&Observer

According to the local news, 12,000 watched the game in the Dean Dome and 45,000 crowded Franklin St. afterward. 9,000 are in the Dean Dome right now, awaiting the team's return...

32 bonfires, but no damage to businesses or the streets. That's celebrating with class!

We watched from our hotel room in Savannah, and it's a good thing the only neighbors we had were on the far side of the TV, especially towards the middle of the second half!

Jackie, Jawad, Melvin: 8-20 to National Champs. Congrats to our Seniors!

National Champs pictures:
Jackie Manuel wins his last game as a Tar Heel:

And Roy celebrates his first National Championship:

Senior Jawad Williams (Hawkman!) celebrates a great Tournament!

Juniors Ray Felton and Rashad McCants:

And last but not least, the Birthday Boy (Happy 21st Birthday, Sean!)

Congrats to the whole team!


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