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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Red and Blue: Purple?

This is why I'm not a Harvard professor and Bill Stuntz is:

This is a great post about reconciling red and blue from another rationalist like myself who sometimes feels caught in the middle. He says:
"Churches and universities are the two twenty-first century American enterprises that care most about ideas, about language, and about understanding the world we live in, with all its beauty and ugliness. Nearly all older universities were founded as schools of theology: a telling fact. Another one is this: A large part of what goes on in those church buildings that dot the countryside is education -- people reading hard texts, and trying to sort out what they mean."
(from Tech Central Station)
There's a lot more great stuff there, go take a gander.

As for myself, while I am perhaps less passionate about church per se, I often find myself torn between my "red" mindset and my "blue" lifestyle, job, friends, etc. because it seems so obvious. What is difficult to reconcile is the divide that exists between these two groups outside myself, where it all seems to fit. I've written about this here before, with regard to the election. This, of course, is the logical follow-up to that debate.

The crux of the issue is that "red" and "blue" folks live in two different worlds. Blue people don't mix with red. Blueys somehow forget that the vast majority of folks in this country qualify as red. This would be ok, except that the blue group includes most of the people who control the information flow in this country: MSM, Hollywood, the Press, etc, so the red folks don't get as much of a chance to air their stories, making them, for the most part, the silent majority.

Bill Stuntz has the right idea. Maybe we should focus on what binds us rather than what divides us; reconciling red and blue by focusing on purple.

Update: Wow, I feel smart. He Who Needs No Linkage also linked the piece this morning.


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