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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

On a more personal note...

Baby #2 of the 8 expected on my floor arrived safely yesterday morning via C-section. Technically, he was 2 weeks early, but in reality only 4 days, since he had a date with the Dr. in the OR for Thursday morning. I guess he was just in a hurry to meet his Mom and Dad.

10 long fingers, 10 perfect little toes, perfectly healthy despite some earlier worries.

But here's the best part: he's little and sweet and calm, and I got to hold him! All squiggly, sweet 8 pounds of him. Since he and his mama are currently under house arrest in the same building (technically) as our office, we all went to meet the little guy this afternoon.

When I say house arrest, I mean it. He has a little plastic ankle bracelet, just like a tiny house arrest monitor. Damn, there was more security on the maternity floor than in some prisons.

Congrats to the new family, and I hope all continues well for them!


At Tuesday, February 01, 2005 7:58:00 PM, Blogger VW said...

I love stories with happy endings... particularly when it deals with birth! Thanks for sharing.

At Tuesday, February 01, 2005 8:41:00 PM, Blogger AmandaDufau said...

That's wonderful! Babies are such miracles...
May mommy and daddy enjoy this new chapter in their lives.

At Wednesday, February 02, 2005 8:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife works in the Mother-Baby unit in our local hospital. I read your post, and her comment in response to "Damn, there was more security on the maternity floor than in some prisons." was "yeah, that's about it."

She went on to elaborate that there are a lot of crazy people in this world who'd like to steal a baby. It takes a lot of trust for a new mother to give up her baby to what is mostly a bunch of strangers. They take that trust ~very~ seriously.

Jim Gwyn.


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